Thinking Thoughts: Digital Storytelling

And so it continues…
With the end of one assignment starts the beginning of another. For our digital storytelling project, we have been asked to communicate how media practice is spatial in nature using a particular media platform.

you will design, implement and evaluate a small qualitative digital storytelling project that looks at media audience practices from the perspective of a specific person and/or place – Kate Bowles

To be honest, when I first read this assignment, it worried me. In fact, I’m still worried. Not only was I unsure about what topic to research but I was also anxious about the medium to choose. For instance I have no experience in making videos or making websites but I also didn’t want to stick with something too simple, like my blog.

In my research, I came across an article that talks about an experiment conducted by artist, Ivan Cash. Within San Francisco, he politely asks people to show him the last picture taken on their mobile phones accompanied with a backstory describing the image to showcase the unique stories and lives of the city’s residents.

The work of Cash gave me the inspiration to similarly replicate this experiment but to twist it in favour of media, audience and place. I wish to question what the public captures on their mobile cameras and why. I am interested in how individuals use their mobile cameras to take photos of almost anything and everything including food, people, places and even objects that many others would consider meaningless and unusual to capture and keep. How do people determine what deserves to be captured? What do they do with the image afterwards? How long have they kept it for? Who have they shared it with? These are all questions I wish to answer and analyse to make sense of how we use our technology.

How does this relate to Media, Audience and Place? Glad you asked!

  • Audience? People with photos on their phones
  • Media? Mobile phones
  • Place? Where I go to ask people, plus the ‘space’ of the mobile phone and the photos themselves

I would love some feedback as I am still a little unsure but this is definitely something i would like to research!

What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Thinking Thoughts: Digital Storytelling

    • Thankyou for your feedback! It’s always helpful to check out what other people are thinking for inspiration. I look forward to hearing about yours and everyone elses! Good luck!!

  1. This sounds super interesting, I never think about what is on my phone when I take photos so I would love to see an experiment on it! This could work really well in today’s environment too, very relevant!

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