The Real Slim Shady

Hi everyone!
I’d like to introduce you to a girl who has already read 50 articles on how to introduce herself and her first blog. Who knew it would be so grueling to write about yourself. Here i am trying to think of the most amazing factors about myself and I’m coming up blank. Let’s start with my name! I usually respond to Hannah Forde, but I’ll pretty much answer to anything within reason. Even “Hey you!” every once and a while. I am a first year Bachelor of Communication and Media / Commerce student at the University of Wollongong. Woohoo for early entry!

So by now you’ve probably noticed that my previous experiences with blogging are non-existent, which seems fairly ironic coming from a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies student. To continue, before two weeks ago, i lived in a central-western city called Orange for the majority of my life. I should probably enclose that statement by stating that it wasn’t named after the fruit or the colour or the flavour but It is fairly rural, with its main disadvantage being its 4 hour distance to the beach. And before you ask, no i do not live on a farm. Us rural kids don’t ride our kangaroo’s to school or live 10 km away from our neighbours so I’m incredibly sorry for bursting any enduring fantasies of the ‘simple life’. To be honest it does feel like a completely different lifestyle living in Wollongong. For the first time in my life i have an imperative need for public transport which doesn’t exactly work out for me as i can never keep on schedule or keep on any specific timetable. I am also famous for losing things… My phone.. My keys.. My wallet.. My head… So dear god PLEASE do not give me anything of yours to keep or even hold for 10 seconds. I make no promises.

Another riveting fact about myself includes my love for music. I know, i know, how typical. She likes music! Wow! But i genuinely love singing and playing guitar. I gig from time to time which i love as it combines my love of music with my fear of big crowds but it tests me to my limits and i’m always up for a challenge. I can only expect that my roommates hate me already for the amount of times a play around.

Sorry, but i won’t get into all the REALLY interesting stuff such as my favourite colour or animal or my phobias and habits which I’m sure you’re all just DYING to know about, but for the moment I’m just trying to survive university for the next 4.5 years. I’m not planning on saving the world or anything like that but if by some chance that happens, it would be a cool thing to add to the resume.

Until next time!


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